We are talking about online learning market. Its very competitive but its easy to invest and has a lot of potential. here we present you the case study of VIPKid - an online e learning portal by Cindy Mi. China has an online learning market of 4.5 bn USD. VIPKid is an online real time tutoring company aimed at China's millions of kids of 4 to 12 years of Age. VIPKid connects Chinese students with English Tutors from North America and Canada. The business is valued at more than $1bn.

Where there is a shortage of good English teachers in China, the demand of English is already High. Technology is easy. There are many cheap solutions to provide and facilitate online E learning.
In the past 12 months VIPKid has grown from 6,000 to more than 30,000 teachers and has more than 200,000 paying students. A hundred thousand classes are taught on the platform each day. In August, VIPKid launched Lingo Bus, a Mandarin tutoring service for children.

Online learning is expanding fast in countries like India and China. According to iResearch, a consultancy, the republic’s online learning market in 2016 was worth Rmb30bn and it is forecast to grow 20 per cent a year until 2019 to Rmb52bn.
Since that miserable experience with her maths teacher, Mi says she has put her desire to help children develop a love of learning at the heart of everything she does. “I learnt that through learning a language,” she says. “The global classroom can be a game changer that makes everything different.”

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